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Is your audio system really ready for lossless sound?

Here you will find a set of ABX tests allowing you to compare lossless and lossy compression in a variety of formats and bitrates. This site is still in its infancy, and the number of tests available will probably grow over time.

Currently we offer the following tests:

The statistically valid Tidal test remake

The Spotify HQ test
(Apple AAC CBR 256kbps)

The Spotify standard test
(Apple AAC CBR 128kbps)

The iTunes test
(iTunes AAC 256kbps encoding)

The Lame MP3 tests (available in 96-320kbps)

The FAAC 320kbps test
(faac -b 320)

The OPUS 160kbps test
(opusenc --bitrate 160)

The Tone test
(music and tones to check the test works)

The text on each is mostly identical because they are a rapid expansion from the original Tidal-test-remake page created 25th Nov 2014. That will change with time.